4 common mistakes on dental care

According to Andrew H.F. Tsang, a dentist, dental care need not be too fussy. You only need to go to the dentist regularly, use mouthwash, floss, brush your teeth 2 times a day. These are the basic principles for you to have healthy teeth and beautiful smiles.

There are 4 common mistakes in dental care, according to Dr. Andrew.

Do not pay attention to dental care as a child

Many parents think that they do not need to be too concerned about their children’s teeth when they are young, because their baby teeth will also be replaced by permanent teeth. However, children need to be educated about dental care early, because teeth will change but habits are not.
The dental cement of the child is very weak, the groove in the molar is so deep that many food residues cling to it and it is not easy to be cleaned. Therefore, it is advised to teach your kid to brush his or her teeth thoroughly, because his childhood habits can follow a person during all his life.

To chew food on one side of the mouth

Losing one or more teeth on one side of the jaw, many people have a habit of chewing food with one side of their mouth without knowing that this habit greatly affects their health. It causes asymmetry between the sides of the jaw. More seriously, it also leads to hearing problems. So, it is needed to see a dentist for treatment to help you chew on either side of your mouth.

Not use dental floss

It is not recommended to floss with large wooden toothpicks because they open the gap between the teeth and damage the gum. Instead, it is recommended to use dental floss. A toothbrush cannot touch places that are too deep or clean the left-over food. Leftovers will be a “happy farm” for millions of bacteria, damaging the gum. Using dental floss after brushing helps the teeth to be completely clean, as well as to clean the plaque on teeth and prevent gingivitis.

To have proper dental care to stay healthy.

Not remove all dental calculus

Dental calculus is a yellow-brown solid part that attaches to the teeth made up of minerals and food chips in the oral cavity. Brushing your teeth often also doesn’t help you clean up dental calculus. If you leave it for a long time, the dental calculus will become tighter and require a dentist with special tools to clean it. Dental calculus also causes many oral diseases, including osteoarthritis. So, at least once a year it is requested to go to the dentist to get the dental calculus clean, to make sure the teeth are firm and healthy.