5 factors make bright white teeth become yellow

According to Dr. Andrew H.F. Tsang, in Ho Chi Minh City, despite brushing teeth and rinsing your mouth in a proper way regularly, your teeth are still yellowing. There are many causes of this condition.

Poor oral hygiene 

Plaque formation is one of the main causes of tooth stain. It is advised to brush your teeth at least twice a day, use dental floss at least once a day, rinse your mouth with a bactericidal mouthwash to eliminate bacteria and prevent dental plaque and dental calculus.

Yellow teeth result from living habits.

Damage to dental cement

The teeth become yellow time after time when the teeth cement layer weakens, revealing the darker layer of the lower teeth which forms a tooth core. It can prevent dental cement damage by using straws to drink acids containing fluids, reduce acidic foods, and brush the teeth, use dental floss and rinse your teeth every day.

Food and drinks

The dental cement has grooves that can allow food and drink crumbs to get stuck there. Coffee, wine, tea and berries are especially rich in chromogen and acid, which are adhesives on the dental cement and cause yellowing. It is advised try to limit your intake of such food and drinks and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after eating acidic foods and drinks. More importantly, it is needed to brush your teeth twice a day and see your dentist regularly.

Smoking habits

Tobacco contains nicotine and tobacco resin, clinging to the dental cement that causes the teeth yellowing. Smoking cessation not only improves your general health but also your teeth color.

Side effects of medications

Some antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline for long-term use cause discoloration among the teeth. Antihistamine (allergy medicine), anti-dysmenorrhea, and high blood pressure also lead to dental discoloration. So it is recommended to listen to your doctor before using.

Dr. Andrew adds: “Take good dental care by brushing your teeth, flossing and mouthwash every day. Don’t forget to check your teeth periodically every 6 months with your dentist.”