6 mistakes that you may accidentally make and silently ruin your teeth every day

Perhaps you think that dental care is quite simple, just brushing your teeth 2 times a day until it is clean. This is only partly true because every day, you may have done things that are extremely harmful to your teeth but you don’t even notice them.

Even some habits are obviously healthy, but if not done scientifically, it is very harmful to the teeth.

Here are things that are harmful to your teeth that you may accidentally and silently destroy your teeth every day.

1. Drink colored but improper drinks

We often admire when we see someone sharing pictures of colorful drinks on social networks, especially fruit juices, vegetables, vitamins, coffee, tea… Although these colorful drinks may be good for people’s health, it may not be beneficial to their teeth if they do not know how to clean their teeth later.

Colorful drinks can be healthy, but it may not be good for your teeth.

“Eating colorful food is obviously healthy, but it also means that colors can be stained on your teeth, especially extremely colored drinks like coffee and juice. To reduce this situation, when you eat or drink things that are likely to stain to your teeth, use a straw, “said Asia Richardson, a dentist and owner of DentalWorks clinic chain.

2. Delay dental visits

In a busy life full of family and friends activities… it may not be your priority to go to the dentist. However, delaying seeing a dentist can cause more oral problems than you think. Dr. Gary Glassman, Dental Manager at DentalCorp, said that if you choose to go to the dentist only when there is a problem, dental treatment may be too late.

You should go to the dentist regularly to maintain oral health.

Many oral processes, including tooth decay, gingivitis, cancer, or pre-cancer… often have no warning symptoms until they are in advanced stage. Ideally, you should go to the dentist regularly to not only maintain the oral and overall health but also be able to have prompt treatment if something is wrong with your mouth.

3. Brush your teeth after drinking coffee

Most of us know that drinking coffee can stain your teeth and after you drink coffee you need to clean your teeth to limit this. But saying that doesn’t mean you should brush your teeth right after drinking coffee. This can prevent stains on your teeth immediately but will also damage your teeth.

Not only coffee, after eating any food, you should not brush your teeth right away.

Courtney Schiefelbein, an orthopedic doctor in New York City, said: “Most people think that they should brush their teeth right after drinking coffee to fight yellowing on their teeth and bad breath, but that’s really not true. The acidic drinks like coffee after drinking will cling to your teeth and cause a lot of damage to your enamel because of its acid, if you brush your teeth right away, the acid will penetrate deeper into your teeth. Therefore, it is best to wait for about 1 hour after drinking coffee, you should brush your teeth. If you want a cleaner feeling right after sipping your coffee, you can rinse your mouth with water.”

Not only coffee, after eating any food, you should not brush your teeth right away for the same reason that it causes acid to penetrate deep into your teeth and cause harm to your teeth.

4. Drink sports drinks

Athletes and sports people often choose sports drinks after exercising to improve their health. But you know that these drinks are usually very sweet and are not beneficial to teeth.

Sports drinks are usually very sweet and also not beneficial to teeth.

Katie Polley, a dentist with Summerville Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, said: “People think that sports drinks are healthy because they have a lot of electrolytes for people with active lifestyles. It is full of sugar, and because many people are not limited to drinking sports like soft drinks, the amount of sugar in their bodies increases, which can cause tooth decay”.

If you often rely on sports drinks after exercising, talk to your dentist to make better choices.

5. Snack all day

This habit is small but actually harms your teeth. Dr. Polley explains: “The frequency of sugar consumption is more important than quantity. Continuous snacking means that your teeth have to sip sugary foods and drinks throughout the day, which means your teeth must constantly be exposed to sugar. This can easily lead to tooth decay, increasing the number of bacteria in the mouth”.

If you want to eat something sweet, it’s better to enjoy them all at once.

So, if you are trying to eat something sweet, it is better to sit down and enjoy them all at once and then clean your teeth afterwards rather than sipping it all the time.

6. Brush your teeth too hard

Leslie Renee Townsend, director of Jefferson Dental Clinic, said: “Brushing your teeth too hard or too harsh is a common mistake in many patients who have dental health problems. Using too many electric brushes or rotating heads can damage tooth enamel and cause gum tissue”.

Brushing your teeth too hard or too harsh is a mistake that damages your teeth.

Dr. Townsend explains: “The signs to show that a person has brushed his teeth too strong include lost gums, increased sensitivity of the teeth, irritable gums and thin or worn enamel. It can also be noticed that your toothbrush seems to be bulged or the brush hair is bent; with such signs you may be brushing your teeth too hard”.

To overcome this problem, you only need to use less pressure when brushing your teeth. According to Dr. Townsend, time and consistency while brushing is more important than brushing your teeth so hard.