Affording In Home Healthcare…Can I afford to keep my loved one at home?

One of the main reasons people choose not to invest in in-home healthcare (1 on 1 care) for their loved ones is because of the possible financial burden or the lack or resources the individual has. Comfort of Home Healthcare wants to make in-home healthcare not only comforting and convenient for your family, but also financially affordable. As a business, we try to keep costs down as much as we can, but there are also resources for your family to participate in that will dramatically change your financial outlook on in-home healthcare services. 

But before we get in to some of the resources, Comfort of Home Healthcare would like to point out that if your receive in home care for two people. E.g. Parents/ grand parents
It is very feasible to financially keep your loved ones in their homes!! In a facility setting (nursing home) you will have to pay out of pocket for each person. In home care is priced by staffing and not each individual person. 

This is so important because this will allow you to; 
1. keep your loved ones in their home! 
2. You will have one staff taking care of both of them as opposed to one CNA per 10+ people!

Unfortunately this is not case for most of our clients. For those of you who are looking for care for a loved one (not a couple). Comfort of Home Healthcare has provided a list of resources that will offset costs, for you to consider. Here are several of those resources and how you may qualify to receive these benefits: 
(Not all scenarios work for every person. This simply a list of all options available)
  • Veterans Benefits: If you or your loved one was a veteran.
  • Veterans Widows Benefits: If you or your loved one was married to a veteran.
  • Medicaid: If you meet the financial guidelines to qualify for Medicaid, they have potential opportunities for assistance. 
  • Long Term Care Insurance: If you or your loved one has purchased a Long Term Care Insurance Plan.
  • Life Insurance: If you or your loved one is terminally ill, a life insurance plan is a valuable resource. 
  • Life Insurance (Viatical Settlement): A viatical settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy to a third party, usually a funding company owned by a group of investors. 
  • Life Insurance (Loan): A policy owner may be able to make a loan against the cash value of the policy, based on what type of policy is owned. 
  • Reverse Mortgage: If you or your loved one has equity in their home, they can probably qualify for a reverse mortgage.
  • Area Agency on Ageing: There can be local organizations such as the Area Agency on Ageing that can help with some of the costs of in-home care.
If you have questions about the specific details (contacts and phone numbers) of these resources, Comfort of Home Healthcare would be happy to talk to you about the resources that will best fit your family and your family’s individual needs. 

We care about your family and we want to provide the best possible service at the best price for your family!

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