Bad breathing suggest bad health warning

According to Reader’s Digest, many people believe that bad breath is mainly caused by unclean oral hygiene or just eating a food with a typical odor. However, many studies have shown this halitosis is also a warning sign of serious health problems.


According to the Mayo Clinic, dehydration is the leading cause of bad breath, not poor oral hygiene. Not drinking enough water makes food stick to your teeth longer, causing bad smell. Therefore, you should drink enough water after eating to limit dehydration, and can also chew sugar-free gum to help stimulate the flow of saliva.

Some serious diseases

Researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder (USA) say bad breath can also be caused by gas in the mouth, a sign of some diseases. For example, excessive methylamine gas in the mouth warns liver and kidney diseases, ammonia is a sign of kidney failure, high acetone levels warn diabetes or nitric oxide levels are a sign of asthma. This phenomenon may also be due to malignant throat cancer.

Risk of premature birth

Pregnant women should pay special attention to the smell of the breath. If the breath smells bad, they are more likely to have premature births or low birth weight babies. This is why doctors often advise women to check their oral health before pregnancy and maintain oral hygiene during pregnancy.

Pregnant women who get bad breath can be easy to have premature births or low birth weight babies.

Too much outdoor practice

According to the European Respiratory Association, athletes have a higher incidence of respiratory problems than normal people. Up to 50% of people who regularly practice outdoors often suffer from asthma, wheezing, dry mouth. Researchers say the main reason is the outdoor air. While fresh air is good for the body, cold weather in the winter causes dry mouth; in the warm spring, people are easy to get pollen allergy and pollution. This indicates that the breath has a smell related to allergies, nasal congestion, and dry mouth. Therefore, you should limit outdoor exercise time during cold weather, during allergy season or contaminated areas.

The risk of heart disease

Research by the American and International Dental Association shows that gum disease and heart disease are closely related while gingivitis is an early warning sign of cardiovascular problems. One of the main symptoms of gum disease is bad breath. Early treatment of this disease not only helps prevent gum diseases but also improves cardiovascular health.


One of the signs of tonsillitis is bad breath. The reason is that they produce more bacteria than normal in the mouth, making the mouth become smelly. During the tonsillectomy, the surgery will remove 2 glands on the back of the throat to treat the diseases and prevent bad breath, according to the American ENT Academy.

Bad breath is a popular sign of tonsillitis.

Stomach ulcers

Abdominal pain, heartburn, difficulty in eating are common symptoms of peptic ulcer disease. However, a study in Medical Microbiology Journal shows that the bacteria causing bad breath called helicobacter pylori, also cause stomach ulcers and are responsible for most stomach cancers.

Eat a lot of mint

Many people think that peppermint can make the cooler and better smell breath, but that’s a wrong viewpoint. According to the American Chemical Society, mint scent is only capable of eliminating temporary odors while sugar in peppermint candies makes the breath worse. Scientists recommend focusing on brushing and flossing, while the ingredients that kill harmful bacteria such as xylitol, and magnolia bark are also recommended. Especially it is recommended that these products have no sugar.

Abuse of mouthwash

Mouthwash is a product that is capable of reducing bad breath, but it can also make the condition worse. Most mouthwashes kill bacteria temporarily, but if you abuse them, they will remove all the bacteria in the mouth, even the beneficial bacteria. When the mouth returns to normal state, there is a risk of developing more and more bad bacteria, worsening the bad breath.