Hesitating not to do this, 6-month pregnant mother forced to give up her baby

A woman named Xiao Han (who lives in Yangzhou, China) was pregnant for 6 months at that time, however a wisdom tooth has led her to an abortion tragedy. Why is that happening?

Before getting pregnant, Xiao Han grew a wisdom tooth and was often inflamed, but due to her fear of pain, she did not dare to take it out. Until she became pregnant, the wisdom tooth situation became more serious when even the swelling happened.
As she could not stand it anymore, she went to the Department of Dentistry of the Subei People’s Hospital for examination. However, according to the test results, the doctor discovered that in the oral cavity of the Xiao Han there were large numbers of bacteria, and these bacteria tended to invade the entire oral cavity, if not treated promptly, the consequences would be unbelievable. The doctor also said that normal treatment of this case is not too difficult, just taking hormonal drugs is manageable.

Wisdom tooth (the eighth tooth or the third largest molar) is the last tooth to grow, usually in people between the ages of 17 and 25.

However, Xiao Han was pregnant. If she took these drugs, it will affect the health of the child and if she does not take the medication, the disease situation would get worse and it is more likely that she would have to face the blocked pharynx and have no way to breathe. At this time, it will be necessary to make an operation to open the trachea and it is easy to lead to premature birth.

After consideration, Xiao Han’s family decided to protect the health of the mother, choosing to abandon the baby. After half a month, the condition of the oral cavity of the woman had a good development, but it led to the fact that a 6-month fetus in the womb was gone. This really hurts adults.

Therefore, the oral health for pregnant mothers is very important. In fact, according to doctors, currently it is not difficult to treat dental diseases, but the most frightening thing is when they face the patients who are pregnant mothers, because both drugs and surgery are dangerous for children in the abdomen.

So why are pregnant mothers prone to dental disease? It is due to the following reasons:

1. Changes in calcium

The need for calcium for the fetus is very high, so it may fall into calcium deficiency, causing the teeth to become more porous and increase the risk of tooth decay.

2. Change eating habits during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s normal food intake will be less, but because in order to supplement enough energy, many pregnant women have a habit of eating a lot of meals, with sweet and sour foods, this leads to gum problems.

3. Hormonal changes

Usually in the second month of pregnancy, a rapid increase in the amount of estrogen and progesterone hormones makes the blood flow to the gums increase, causing more serious gingivitis than usual. The symptoms include toothache, gum bleeding when one brushes his teeth … this phenomenon may be worse in the 7th and 8th months and gradually decrease in the 9th month of pregnancy. Even pregnant mothers can form gum tumors.

Therefore, the problem of pregnant mother’s teeth is a big problem, it is related to the health problems of the baby in the womb.

So how can pregnant women protect their teeth during pregnancy?

– Use clean bandages with toothpaste to clean teeth if vomiting occurs when brushing the teeth.

– It is recommended to brush the teeth with cream containing flour at least 2 times a day to clean the plaque on the surface of the teeth, use a light brush on the tongue to clean the plaque on the tongue, use mouthwash to increase bactericidal, mouth cleaning ability.

– It is advised to use dental floss to clean the teeth instead of using toothpick as the toothpick will open the gap between the teeth, making it easy to leave the food there and cause tooth decay.

– Limit to eat the foods which are high in sugar. It is needed to use vegetables, fresh fruits, drink plenty of milk, supplement calcium, eat less salt and fat.

– You should go to the dentist regularly, get tartar regularly to detect dental diseases early and take appropriate treatment measures.