How to eat after getting dental braces?

According to Dr. Le Quoc Huy, a Dental Specialist at Hanoi Transport Hospital, after getting braces, one should eat soft foods which are less sticky and with less sugar. The food is cut to fit the mouth to avoid using too much force when chewing. One is advised to thoroughly clean his mouth after eating. In addition to brushes, it is often possible to use interstitial brushes.

Suitable dishes for those who wear braces are mainly eggs, cereals, minced meat, well cooked poultry and seafood. Well-boiled vegetables are used to supplement the body’s fiber. In addition, fruit smoothies should be used to provide essential vitamins for the body.
The newly braces wearers should absolutely follow the doctor’s instructions so as not to loosen the braces causing the teeth to deviate. They should also restrict eating tough, sticky and stiff foods. After finishing with the braces, they should still pay attention to eating so that the teeth continue to stabilize for another 2-3 months, especially for people who have to wear shaped trays after removing braces.

How to effectively take care of teeth

To chew tenderly

After wearing braces you cannot chew normally like before, especially in the first days of braces. Try to eat soft foods, soup, yogurt. Break down the meals into smaller ones, avoid too hard food and stick to the teeth that can affect the teeth mold.

To frequently brush the teeth

Brushing regularly no matter you are wearing braces or not is a way to remove bacteria. There are many gaps in the mouth where bacteria are easy to penetrate. It is recommended to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day to clean your teeth. Use floss or regular interdental brushes to protect your teeth.

To avoid starchy and sugar foods

Starch and sugar produce acid and plaque on teeth, causing tooth decay as well as gum disease. One should limit tea, juices and sweet drinks. The reason is when one wears braces, his teeth will be weaker than normal, so they need more care. In the process of braces, one should follow the dentist’s re-examination schedule to understand the state of dental health. During the braces, if an allergy or abnormal signs occur, you should go to the dentist immediately for a prompt examination.