How to take care of your teeth when smoking

Smoking causes yellowing of the teeth, bad breath, receding gums, revealing tooth root and causing less aesthetics. This habit increases the likelihood of getting dental diseases, teeth becoming sensitive when eating hot or cold foods.

Dental care for heavy smokers is more difficult than for normal people, attention should be paid to the following ways of care:

Regular oral hygiene

To brush your teeth twice a day, floss, special use mouthwash to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco on teeth, gums and oral cavity.

Inter-dental cleaning is an important step for smokers. If not cleaned, inter-dental teeth become a reservoir of bacteria that erode the teeth and affect breathing.

Smoking causes many problems of oral health.

Reasonable selection of toothpaste 

Each toothpaste has its own special treatment abilities. If you have breathing problems, choose products that contain peppermint or essential oils. If you have sensitive teeth, you should use specialized creams for sensitive teeth. To whiten teeth, attention should be paid to the ingredients in the toothpaste, to avoid abrasion and loss of dental enamel.

Change the diet 

It is requested to refrain from the use of food and drinks that cause coloration such as tea, coffee, sweets among others. To add antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet. In addition, male smokers need regular dental check-ups every three months help control dental health, thereby reducing the risk of gum diseases, mouth ulcers or oral cavity cancer.