Mistakes to be avoided on dental care

Uchenna Okoye, a dental doctor in the UK, offers some advice to avoid common mistakes in dental care.

Do not brush your teeth up and down

Rubbing the brush up and down can cause corrosion to your teeth and gum. Instead, the brush should move gently around. If you don’t brush your teeth properly, your gums will start bleeding.

It is needed to use a brush with soft bristles, brush your teeth in right sequence, from the biting surface, inside surface and then between the teeth. Most people often brush their teeth for about 30 seconds but according to Dr. Okoye, the teeth need to be brushed longer, at least 2 minutes.

To have chewing gum for no more than 10 minutes

One should have chewing gum for no more than 10 minutes to protect his teeth.

Peppermint gum can help cool the breath but having chewing gum for too long will cause dental problems. It’s best to chew for about 10 minutes. In addition to tooth damage, chewing gum also stimulates gastric acid secretion, irritate the mucosa, leading to gastric ulcers.

To brush your teeth before breakfast

Many people have the habit of eating acidic foods such as grapefruit, fruit juice at breakfast. This acid can soften the dental cement. Brushing your teeth immediately after breakfast contributes to the dental cement damage. If you forget to brush your teeth before breakfast, wait until after about an hour after the breakfast and then brush your teeth so that you will give enough time for saliva to neutralize the acid. At night, brushing your teeth should be the last thing to do before going to bed.

To brush your tongue

Many people forget that the key to cool breaths is to clean the tongue. A tongue with wet environment is an ideal place for bacteria to live, leading to bad breath. The tongue can be cleaned with a toothbrush or a special blade shaving brush.

To use dental floss

Studies show that flossing can prolong the life of each person. People with gum diseases have the risk of cardiovascular disease doubled compared to normal people. It is recommended to use dental floss to clean up food leftovers instead of toothpicks to help protect teeth and gums effectively.