Secrets to help brighten your teeth

Some foods such as alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee and soda can make yellow, dull teeth and your smile becomes less attractive. However, there are also some foods that help whiten your teeth. Here are the foods you should eat more to have bright white teeth.


Broccoli helps the teeth become shiny and clean. Iron in broccoli protects the teeth from acids that damage the dental enamel caused by bacteria. This in turn will help prevent smudges and tooth decay.


Eating apples will help clean your teeth. Apples contain malic acid, used as a component of toothpaste. Malic acid increases the production of saliva to help clean teeth and also helps to remove stains.


Strawberries also contain malic acid that acts as a natural astringent. You can mix strawberries with baking soda to clean teeth.

Different types of nuts

As nuts have a natural abrasive effect, eating nuts can remove plaque and stains from the tooth’s surface. They also contain proteins that help whiten teeth.


Pears are another food that can be used to whiten teeth. It neutralizes the bacteria causing stains to the teeth. This fruit also increases saliva secretion, thus removing food debris, helping brighten your white teeth.


This is one of the foods that helps whiten your teeth best by stimulating saliva. Saliva helps clean up food debris and boosts your gum health.