Terrified photo in the kid’s mouth and a pressing warning for parents

Caring and raising children has never been easy. There are a series of problems that confuse many parents. Recently, a woman posted a picture warning people about children’s dental problems that attracted attention.

Many people did not dare to look directly at the picture taken in the mouth of a child.

Children often have dental problems and they are afraid to go to the dentist. Things that are easily encountered will include teething fever, tooth decay due to eating lots of candy. But the child below faces a much more serious problem.

The story is this child having an ingrown tooth and stabbed into his mouth, which causes pain. When discovered, the baby was brought to the dentist to take out the tooth. Two photographs captured the time when the tooth erupted and when taken out were posted to social networks.

This is clearly a reminder image for parents. They need to follow their children more closely, noting that every of their kids’ change can lead to problems with their teeth.

“It looks really scary, the baby looks big enough, so why can’t he complain of pain? Wisdom teeth stabbed into his mouth can cause a bit painful, but he can bear it, poor him,” a netizen commented.