Tooth decay not only makes you less beautiful but also lethal

According to information from the Oral Health Organization (OHF), poor oral hygiene not only affects cosmetic problems but also can lead to dangerous conditions such as cardiovascular disease, blood infection… Here’s what you need to keep in mind for a healthy, shiny white teeth, avoiding dental diseases and dangerous health problems.

Electric brushes are not necessary

According to experts, how to make the teeth clean depends on brushing technique, not depending on expensive technology items.
You need to pay attention to brush the teeth at the root, between teeth and not just through the speaking surface. In addition, you should also choose a soft, thin and flexible bristle brush. In the process of toothbrushing, you do not exert too much force which can make the enamel layer erode.

Brushing your teeth before breakfast

After eating, the acidity of the mouth will increase, so brushing your teeth is like rubbing the acid deeper into the enamel. The problem gets worse when your breakfast has sugar and acid-rich juice like orange juice, lemon juice.

Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth immediately after waking up to clean your mouth after a night of bacteria accumulation. It is best to wait 30 minutes after brushing your teeth to eat breakfast so that the active ingredients in the cream have enough time to operate on the tooth surface. In addition, after eating, you should also drink a glass of water to remove excess acid in the oral cavity.

Cleaning the tongue is very important

Bad breath can come from many causes and dirty tongue is one of the main causes. The tongue is like a “carpet” filled with bacteria and food residues, so if you don’t regularly clean it, it will make your breath smell bad and your oral hygiene is not completely clean. To clean your tongue, you can use a blade cleaner or a more simple, you can use a brush to gently brush your tongue after brushing.

Mistakes when using mouthwash

Many people who have a habit of brushing their teeth then using mouthwash in an aim to make their breath smoother. However, this is a useless habit, even affecting the effect of toothpaste. Toothpaste containing flour often continues to affect the enamel after you brush your teeth. So you should not use mouthwash right away but choose at a different time of day.

Dental flossing is just as important!

Brushing can only clean about 60% of the tooth surface. But bacteria form deep inside the teeth, where the brush tip cannot be brushed. In order to clean the teeth, limit gingivitis, tooth decay and bad breath, you need to use dental floss after every brushing.

Smoothies are not necessarily good

When it comes to dental hygiene issues, sweet and healthy things in general, such as vitamins are not necessarily good on your teeth. Tooth decay spots are formed when sugar in food is converted by the bacteria in the mouth into acid that destroys tooth enamel. Dentists recommend that after drinking juice or vitamins, you need to rinse your mouth with water or drink a glass of water to clean your mouth, limit acid formation.

A clean mouth can save lives

According to survey data, patients with gum disease often double the risk of developing coronary artery disease. Explaining this, the executive director of the Oral Health Organization, Nigel Carter said: “Gum disease makes bacteria from the mouth be able to enter the blood. These bacteria make a protein causing blood platelets clump in the blood vessels of the heart, meaning blood clots are easier to form.”

In addition to cardiovascular disease, there had been a case of a Chinese patient with uncured long-term tooth decay that leads to marrow infection. It was later spread to the area around the mouth and led to blood infection. When he was taken to the hospital it was too late.

Another case of the unfortunate death of a 12-year-old American boy was due to abscesses that had spread to the brain without timely treatment. Abscess is also caused as the oral hygiene is not guaranteed, which will cause infection, swelling of tissues, tooth root destruction. When the root of the tooth is dead, you will lose the feeling of pain but the infection will continue to work. It can spread to surrounding areas, the most dangerous is to spread to the brain because of the possibility of death.

When contacting someone for the first time, what we are most likely to be most impressed and often noticed is their teeth and their smiles. A person with yellowed teeth, crooked or stinking breaths will make them lose points in many social relationships, affecting their confidence and ability to communicate.

Vietnamese people always say, the hair and the teeth are parts of the human, because the teeth also need to be cared for like your skin care and daily hair care. However, many people still neglect oral hygiene, even they avoid having to go to the dentist every 6 months because it is too expensive. Meanwhile, they can spend millions of dong each month to buy clothes, cosmetics, manicures, waxing…, which is considered by them as very normal.

Don’t ignore the signs of toothache, gingival recession, because this seemingly simple situation can affect your whole life!

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