Feng Shui Mirror Facing Bathroom Door

Aside from the fact that mirrors placed directly opposite doors are generally viewed as a bad idea in any room one could also argue that it s never comfortable to be looking at yourself on the toilet. There are countless ways to use for mirrors to create good feng shui.

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A mirror facing the front door is really bad feng shui as it pushes away all the good energy chi that you want to come inside the house.

Feng shui mirror facing bathroom door. Mirrors in feng shui. This is why for example it is always recommended to avoid a mirror facing the main door. A mirror also pushes the energy back.

Tips to adjust a mirror facing the front door remove the mirror. And not everything needs to be a feng shui correction. If you like it you can relocate it elsewhere.

The simplest solution is to move the mirror so it s no longer facing the front door. Your hallway can benefit from mirrors just as much the main entry can this applies to both big and small hallways. In the bathroom feng shui experts suggest avoiding hanging a mirror directly across from the door or the toilet.

A mirror facing a staircase. The reason mirrors are sometimes recommended in feng shui for the bathroom door is because a mirror can make a wall or a door energetically disappear so to speak. The kitchen has negative feng shui energies and that s the main reason why feng shui doesn t like mirrors in the kitchen if mirrors can double the energy of an area then a mirror in the kitchen will amplify the negative energies brought by the kitchen.

Kitchen is not suitable for mirrors.

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