FREETIME Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

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FREETIME Universal Gun Cleaning Kit
FREETIME Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


Universal design:This gun cleaning kit supplies for all types of shotguns, rifles and pistols. Everything you need to clean common caliber guns in one case. It is a great choice for you to make cleaning work easier.

Top Positive Review

After I wore out some of the brushes for gun barrel cleaning, I picked up this kit to add to my package. This package size is not small, probably not for the range use, but excellent for cleaning guns at home. What I like this kit most compared to my old popular brand of kit is that every rod thread is the same and can be fitted with the proper size of cotton or bronze brush. Couple of my old stuff only has “the end” rod will fit the brushes and they are inconvenience to use. One reason that I choose this kit is the rods are copper instead of aluminum, which I like much better. Two models fo this kit is available, and selected the cheaper one; the difference is the cleaning pad push head is plastic instead of copper, but since I usually don’t use them, these plastic tips will last longer the copper brushes, so I paid less money for basically the same thing. It is a basic cleaning kit with most caliber handgun calibers. Rifle caliber brushes has most popular ones but surprises to see .17 .20 and .50 caliber are included. Shotgun brushes include popular 12 20 410 gauge, so it is plenty good. I only used once for handgun cleaning and found everything is working fine. How long would this kit last? I feel it is a little better than some of the other kits that I have because it fits better, and I would expect it will last a long time also.

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Top Critical Review

Long time recoil enthusiast and I bought a vacation home and needed to have some gun cleaning stuff there.

Bad move buying this item. One – it’s super low quality – as in the machining is worse than rough.

Two – included was a sheet of paper that said I should make sure all the items were in the box – nice quality control.

I wish that amazon had a search filter where I could only see item’s made in America – or only see items NOT made in China. You have been warned…

p.s. I kept the brushes and the two empty oil/solvent bottles – everything else is in the trash bin.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Is this rifle cleaning kit easy to clean the gun?

This gun cleaning kit with oil and cleaner is equipped with everything I need to clean the gun, even the oil bottle. Although the bottles are empty, they are just the right size and I can refill them easily. It is commendable that when these have oil, they will not leak. The caps of these bottles are very good, and whe??

Is this gun cleaning worth buying as a gift to friends who have guns?

The cotton swabs that come with the kit do have a sharp point on the tip, which makes them more effective in cleaning crevices and anything else. All the shotgun cleaning kit 12 gauge is great when cleaning my gun and will not be damaged after the first use, which is what I have experienced. Fortunately, this box is re??

Is there any difference between this price?
Answer: I chose the plastic model. The plastic rod is very convenient for cleaning guns. I usually use it for cleaning my 7mm Rem Mag. After three months of use, it still looks like new. There is a brass model that should be more sturdy. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose the brass style.

Is the pole easy to break?
Answer: Some poles of the kit I bought before broke after using it once. This gun brush does not look much different from the previous one, but when I use it, I clearly feel that the pole is very strong. I have used it many times and the pole is still very strong. It is very Recommended product.

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